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My copypasta.

<SPAN STYLE="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffff00; FONT-VARIANT: small-caps; BORDER: 1px solid black; PADDING: 3px"> and then </SPAN> for the nifty yellow boxes.

Yellow Boxes!

EDIT: Kyou is awesome and I wish to be more like that.

EDIT 2: I've become more like Kyou and managed to do my new little boxes!
<SPAN STYLE="FONT-FAMILY: 'Courier New', serif; BORDER: 1px solid black; PADDING: 3px"> and then </SPAN> for the nifty typeface boxes

Typeface Boxes!


You didn't just retcon my origin story, did you? I wasn't always ugly, ^@$#-it! That didn't happen until after- I wasn't THAT much of a failure!

And you got rid of the deadpool itself! It's where my %^@#$ing name came from, feebs!

...though I did like what you did with my pre-origin stuff at first. Nice to know life really turned sharply there. Both ups and downs huh. Wonder if I'm really remembering that #$@# or if I'm making it up-- wait, I'm supposed to be American now?

%#$@ that.

It just kind of went downhill from then on, who the hell wrote this issue? ^#%# you Swierczynski.
Deadpool Corps is Hhhhhhoooorrrrrible. With a capital H.

Wade Wilson's War is interesting, but did it really happen? It doesn't seem like it really happened. It's still okay though.

Looking forward to bashing in some feebs in Marvel vs Capcom 3 though!
Cuz dude doesn't have a good place to vent, my former player would like to inform you all that Deadpool #22 DOESN'T SUCK, even though it's simple. It's not a bad thing! It was in some ways even better than Deadpool and Cable #25! (Though I thought I got delightfully meta in that one.)

Screened Crit Post.

Okay, everyone loves Deadpool. But. Maybe you don't love me as Deadpool. So! Feel free to comment here with any criticisms or problems you have, anon or not. If you want me to reply and wish to stay anonymous, give me an email address to reply to. (WE HAVE STALKER PINS NOW)

Just, keep in mind I'm taking him from Cable and Deadpool, where while still zany, isn't as awesomely zany as he used to be. And while I'm taking elements from the current run, it's all kind of... hesitantly.


I don't like the Merc With a Mouth series much, but if it brings spreads like these, well, maybe it doesn't need to be burned:

cut for dinosaursCollapse )

I really do need my body back, so it doesn't look like I support this so much.


Disney to acquire Marvel Entertainment.

Yeah, you heard me. I wonder if this increases my chances in being in the next Kingdom Hearts? I could totally fight those Heartless bastards alongside Sora and the gang.

Maybe I could get my own theme ride at Disney Land? Mommy mommy I want to ride the Deadpool 3000! It's guaranteed to make you puke!

And these are all of my POSITIVE thoughts. Don't get me started on the rest of 'em.